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About The Author

Eric P. Hunstad, L. Ac.

Eric P. Hunstad has a bachelor's degree in Psychology (graduated cum laude from the University of Central Florida), a bachelor's degree in Health Science, as well as a master's degree in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from the Florida College of Integrated Medicine. He is a licensed acupuncturist with a busy practice in in Titusville, Florida.

Why I wrote this manual


The medical research on acupuncture over the last 20 years has produced some incredible insights into not only how acupuncture works, but how amazingly effective it can be for many medical conditions. However, the research is often ignored by the medical community and most people are not aware that it even exists. My goal in writing the Acupuncture Information Manual was to make the information accessible to those who need it the most - the veteran with chronic pain, the office worker with low back pain, the elderly person who has just suffered a stroke, the IT specialist with carpal tunnel, and even the medical professional who is looking for something other than opioids to prescribe to their patients. For these patients, medical professionals, and many others, the AIM explains what the ancient Chinese knew over 2,000 years ago- acupuncture is a safe and effective treatment option for many common medical conditions. The AIM also shows that acupuncture has scientific and clinical foundations in modern biomedicine.

"The Acupuncture Information Manual has given me the ability to access research articles to share with my patients and help explain the scientific evidence behind my treatments. I also find the book is easy to understand and offers my patients the opportunity to learn more about acupuncture from the Traditional Chinese Medicine model and from a biomedical perspective as well".

-John J. Gorsuch, D. O. M.

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